Getting it right for every child

At our nursery, each child

  • is safe, nurtured, healthy and active
  • is included and respected
  • achieves their full potential and learns to be responsible
  • is supported to participate in the decisions that affect them

Choosing a nursery is an emotive decision. At Broomhill Nursery we understand what is important to both parents and children, and our aim is to provide the perfect solution to any parent looking for childcare.

So, whether you are looking to return to work, moving to the area, or whether you just want your child to have the very best opportunities in life, come to The Broomhill Nursery and see how we can help.

Public Holidays 2015

Please note, the nursery will be closed for the following Bank Holidays

  • Monday 20th April
  • Monday 4th May
  • Monday 13th July
  • Monday 28th September
  • Wednesday 23rd December. After home time on this day we be closed until January 2016
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